Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an account set up with us, the quickest way to order is through your customer portal. If you need any help, please contact the Customer Experience team on 0800 534 5000 or email

Lead times are dependent on demand, stock availability and transport capacity with third -party carriers. Please contact us on 0800 534 5000 for the latest information.

Kegs can be ordered clean and fit-to-fill or alternatively only palletised, with additional cleaning required on brewer site before filling. For detailed information on our cleaning process and quality assurance, please contact the logistics team on

If ordering directly from Kegstar, our minimum order quantities are as follows

20L kegs – 45

30L kegs – 40

50L kegs – 24

9 Gallon Cask – 36

Please get in touch with our logistics team via, detailing the the order number and fault with the keg(s).

We’ll be happy to help get you started. Please contact the Customer Experience team on 0800 5345 5000 or email

One of our commercial team will be happy to take you through our current pricing. Please contact for further details.

Please contact the Customer Experience team on 0800 5345 5000 or email

Please email with the number of empties, collections times and any other details to book a collection. We aim to collect within 5-working days.

We’re always looking to find more ways of supporting our beloved industry and are involved in events across the UK. Please contact with your event and details and we’ll see if we’re able to support.